Lady Green English Salon


death and birth 

Tomorrow is the 49 day after my mother's death so we're goingto have a memorial service at the temple.There are many things to be done and it's my first time to prepare for such an event so I'm pretty busy these days.Moreover, my school's Christmas party falls on the same day.I took a day off for my mother's memorial service and cancelled my lessons on that day.But the service should be over in th...
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Candle Light 

The other day, the fluorescent light in the kitchen went out and I didn't have a new one to replace.I wondered what I should do and came up with a great idea."I can use a candle!"Some years ago when I got transferred to another branch school, one of my students gave me pretty candles as a farewell present.I put them on the shelf to display and I haven't actually used them.Since the electricity sho...
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Some Kind of Happiness 

I heard that another typhoon is coming this week,but it's a beautiful day today.I cleaned my room this morning cause I just felt like doing that.When was the last time I vacuumed my room?Maybe two weekes ago or something.I think I should do it(and I want to do it) more often...I visited my mom in the hosipital yesterday.She seemed to feel a bit better and talked a lot.She is a person who canonnt h...
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A Journal in English 

I've just started to write an English journal.Not everyday, only sometimes.It's not for studying English or improving my writing skillbut just to enjoy writing in English.There might be some grammar mistakes andsome of the expressions I use may not sound natural for native speakers.But I'm not a native speaker and it's natural that I don't sound like a native.And people make mistakes and I make mi...
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Rhythm of the Rain 

It's been raining a lot these days.I guess the rainy season has started.Some people say they hate rain and rainy days make them feel down.I don't hate rainy days that much.Looking at the rain fallingor listening to the sound of the raincan make me feel happy sometimes.Didn't you like rain when you were a kid?I did!I was happy to wear my rain boots.I was happy to use my umbrella.And I was happy to ...
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