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Rhythm of the Rain 

It's been raining a lot these days.
I guess the rainy season has started.

Some people say they hate rain and
rainy days make them feel down.

I don't hate rainy days that much.
Looking at the rain falling
or listening to the sound of the rain
can make me feel happy sometimes.

Didn't you like rain when you were a kid?

I did!

I was happy to wear my rain boots.
I was happy to use my umbrella.
And I was happy to walk in rain pools!

Let's get a nice pretty umbrella
and go out in the rain.
Enjoy the rainy season!

Or you can stay home and
enjoy reading books or something.

I think I'm going to clean up my room
listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Anyway, have a nice rainy day!


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