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Some Kind of Happiness 

I heard that another typhoon is coming this week,
but it's a beautiful day today.

I cleaned my room this morning cause I just felt like doing that.
When was the last time I vacuumed my room?
Maybe two weekes ago or something.
I think I should do it(and I want to do it) more often...

I visited my mom in the hosipital yesterday.
She seemed to feel a bit better and talked a lot.
She is a person who canonnt help but complain,
but now I came to think that it is a sign of her recoverig.
So, I guess I should be glad to hear her complain
although it's sometimes hard to think that way...

I need to go see my mom every week.
I need to do housechores, prepare for my lessonns,
do other job-related things, which sometimes do not pay at all.

I sometimes feel that I'm only doing things I need to do
and running aroud for my family, my students, someone but not me.

But then I come to think "That's not true. That's what I like to do
and what I myself choose to do."

Having black tea with a teacup which my colleages gave me for my birthday,
I felt kind of happy this morming.

Dusting my room and cleaning my room, I felt kind of happy.

Looking at a plant which I got for my colleage for her birthday
which I put on the desk so that it gets sunlight and will stay fine
untill I give it on her birthday,
I felt kind of happy.

I'm not rich. I'm not an important person in this world.
I don't have a partner, or any kids.
My mother is only 68 but looks much much older
and cannot take care of herself.
I have a job but it's only part time.
I'm still in my 30's but have had surgeries for cancer twice.

My life is not perfect at all, but still it's okey.
I always have some kind of happiness in my life.
It usually exists in small things which do not appear to be very important.

You have an important job which pays a lot
and are able to buy anything you want.
You are always respected and appreciated by others.
You have a parter who loves you and cares for you more than anything
and your kids are smart good ones and do not give you any troubles.

That sounds great!
But is it really?

For most of the people, things are not like that.

But still they always have some kind of happiness.

Look closer then you'll see it.
If you can't, it might be time to change your glasses.
Get a new pair of glasses.
You will find your world completly new
and realize that life is not that bad as you used to think.


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