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Candle Light 

The other day, the fluorescent light in the kitchen went out and I didn't have a new one to replace.
I wondered what I should do and came up with a great idea.
"I can use a candle!"

Some years ago when I got transferred to another branch school, one of my students gave me pretty candles as a farewell present.
I put them on the shelf to display and I haven't actually used them.

Since the electricity shortage has become a seriouse problem, I have been thinking about using the candle light instead of fluorescent light, so when this happened I thought "Now is the time to try it!"

So I lit the candle and had dinner at the kitchen table with candle light.
The candle light is much weeker and darker than the electric light but it's way more beautiful!
I couldn't really see the food I was eating because it was a bit dark but I felt like it was more delicious than usual.

Even after I finished eating, I stayed there for a while and kept looking at the candle light.
The flame of the candle moved very beautifully as if it were dancing.
I could never get bored just staring at it.

Electricity is very useful and made our life convenient.
But at the same time always living a comfortable and convenient life might take away something important from us.

The cadle light was not as bright as the electric light.
But it certainly was much warmer and made me feel happy.

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Name - Yoshiko  

Title - Re: Candle


Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

I've read someone complaining that rooms in Japan are too bright in a book. She also said that softer light makes people more relaxed and women look more beautiful. That's a very interesting opinion.

I had some potato salad and pork stir-fried with vegetables. Very simple dinner but still it was pretty good! If I'd been having dinner with a nice guy, it would have been more romantic...

2011.10.12 Wed 11:35
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