Lady Green English Salon



You said you would visit my site, so I'm writing this to you.

I still can't believe you're gone!
I feel like I'll see you there next week.
Well, YOU are going to miss it a lot!!!
If you miss working with us and feel you wanna come back,
bring many new students and make our school bigger
(you know mate campaign has just started. Did you remember to give away the fliers?)
then we'll be able hire YOU again!!!

Anyway, we had such a wonderful time together.
I will never forget how crazy you are, how confidently careless you are,
and how lovely you are.
Remember your birthday?
We were planning to give you a BD card and a present,
but manager was still in a counseling and didn't come out.
So Miyoko told you to stay saying manager wants to talk to you.
You were so uneasy. You thought you'd done something wrong!
That was just like you.
How couldn't you sense it? Your birthday was coming up soon!

There are so many stories that I can never forget.
I have lots of things to say but I don't know how I can put them into words.
One thing for sure, you have touched my life...

Good luck with your future.
I know you're gonna be successful.
You know the secret.
I know the secret, too.
So, I'm gonna make my dreams come true and be even more happy.
(I'm ALWAYS happy, though)

I'll see you again in the future

Love&Light YOSHIKO


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